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  • The BYD Battery Box HV is a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery unit for use with an external inverter. A Battery-Box HV is formed by 5 to 9 battery modules B-Plus H in series connection. Reaching up to 11.52 kWh (usable).
  • Battery Box H6.4 (6.40 kW / 6.40 kWh)
  • Battery Box H7.7 (7.68 kW / 7.68 kWh)
  • Battery Box H9.0 (8.96 kW / 8.96 kWh)
  • Battery Box H10.2 (10.24 kW / 10.24 kWh)
  • Battery Box H11.5 (11.52 kW / 11.52 kWh)
  • The parallel connection of up to 5 identical Battery BOX HV allows a maximum of 57.6 kWh (not yet activated). The retrofit is possible at any time.

The BYD Battery-Box HV received the PV Magazine Award for the "top innovation" category, as this battery storage system is driving progress in three categories: modularity, charging and discharging performance and efficiency.



Datasheet Battery Box HV



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