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In order to clean our electricity supply by increasing the penetration of renewable energy, there is a very important element: Energy storage.

With the help of the battery units of BYD, the self-produced solar power can be stored during the day, to be ready for consumption at night and in the morning. This reduces the constrain on the national grid by reducing your demand at peak times. Furthermore, by producing energy closer to where it is consumed, this reduces the losses of the transmission and distribution network. Reducing the need for more fossil fuel power plants.

SThanks to you we can take an important step in the direction of regeneration of the energy supply. Decentralized, effective and without to intervention in the landscape.

There is an obstacle on the road to 100% renewable energy problem: Renewable energy sources are volatile - the electricity production does not take place in line with electricity consumption. You cannot choose when the sun will shine or the wind will blow.

The BYD Battery-Box can help you overcome this challenge. The excess of PV produced during the day will be fed into the battery until the battery is fully charged. Only then will the excess PV power be cheaply sold to the power grid.

In the evening, at night and in the morning, when none or less PV electricity is produced, as electricity is used in the house, the energy stored during the day is released to the house. Only if the battery is completely discharged you would need to buy expensive electricity from the grid. This results in a very high self-consumption of cheap produced solar power from its own roof and a significant reduction of the electricity bills.

- Generate the majority of your electricity needs yourself: Up to 80% and more self-sufficiency is possible
- Avoid rising energy prices
- Protect yourself against power outages and future-proof your home
- Adapt the storage capacity as your life changes and take control of your future.

A battery for every application